Arduino + Ardumoto

Arduino 2009

I have finally bought my first Arduino. In addition, and because this project involves the control of two DC motors, I also got an Ardumoto.

It is a shield for Arduino that enables the control of two DC motors by one Arduino Board. It worked fine the first time, almost a plug&play experience :-) 

In order to get the 2 parts working together you only need 2  "Arduino Stackable Header - 8 Pin" and 2 "Arduino Stackable Header - 6 Pin" ....and of course, a bit of soldering :-)   


These "Stackable Headers" connect the 2 boards together and allow other boards (shields) to be added for further functionality.

Shields are already available for: Bluetooth , WiFi, DC motors control, control of stepper motors, control of USB devices, wireless communication via XBee. There is even a "TouchShield".....the sky seems to be the limit.  For the time being I'll focus only on the Ardumoto, DC motors and eventually on how to connect an Ir sensor to Arduino because I'll need eyes for this project. 

This is the final result: a stack of one Arduino Duemilanove and one Ardumoto. It is also visible the plastic connector on the top. This is required to connect the 2 DC motors. 




You can read more about Arduino at Arduino's official site:

On my next post I expect to publish a video illustrating my achievements. Until then visit this projects' web page at: