The Beginning

Hello everyone, expect posts! :)

Meet the Popolino!

Popolino is gaining shape. After a couple of obstacles, found while working with Arduino Duemilanove - not enough timers to run the DC motors and the servo at the same time - This small bot is now ready to roll.

At this point the system comprises:

The new Arduino Mega 2560

I finally got my first Arduino Mega 2560 today. ArduinoMega

Arduino & Ardumoto on a RP5

I finally managed to put everything together: the Arduino, the Ardumoto and the RP5 platform. It was like plug&play. But as can be seen in the movie, it lacks "intelligence". The next step is to give it the "power of sight".


A chassis for the Arduino

After some search I came across this rather simple but sufficient chassis from Pololu. It already comes with 2 DC motors. Seams to be exactly what I need to try the Arduino and the Ardumoto.   

Arduino + Ardumoto

Arduino 2009

I have finally bought my first Arduino. In addition, and because this project involves the control of two DC motors, I also got an Ardumoto.

Why "Gecko"?

Imagine a “system” capable of defying the laws of gravity in ways you thought impossible. That’s a Gecko!

It is able to run up and down on vertical walls, sometimes getting into very odd positions. It is helped by a very flexible body and magical feet.

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