FRITZING 0.6 Released.

A new version of FRITZING is out and ready to use, explore and share ...


Fritzing is an open-source initiative to support designers, artists, researchers and hobbyists to take the step from physical prototyping to actual product. With this new version more features were added:

Support for SMD parts 

You can now use those really tiny "Surface Mount" parts to make your PCB designs much smaller. In the parts inspector, you can simply change the 'package' of almost any part to 'SMD'.

SparkFun parts library

With SparkFun's assistance, it is now possible to bring a new bin of 74 SparkFun products to Fritzing! You can find them by clicking the little folder icon under the parts bin, and then Open > SparkFun.

Support for Stripboards

Not everyone works with breadboards, so by popular demand stripboards and perfboards were added . You can even cut and uncut strips! You can find the new boards right next to the breadboard, in our newly cleaned-up core parts bin.



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