Hawkboard is an open community board mainly designed to provide to the community a feature rich & economical solution based on Ti's OMAP L138 processor. With a wide range of peripheral support, this board is an ultimate tool for digital media & storage applications.

The OMAP L138 offers an integrated ARM9 and a Ti DSP. Its low power consumption level opens this system to a large range of Embedded & industrial applications.

Internal Memory controller offers support for wide range of memories including DDR2/MDDR/SDRAM/NOR & NAND FLASH.

Inbuilt SATA controller supporting SATA I & SATA II interfaces are available for extending the storage capacity of this platform.

Inbuilt MMC/SD controller provides an instant add on storage for personal collections.
UPP provides a high speed parallel interface to FPGAs & other data converters.
Two USB ports provide wide variety of peripheral connectivity. The USB OTG port also provides an option to power the Hawkboard when connected to a PC/LAPTOP.