Let's Make Robots

Let's Make Robots!

This website is a free and volunteer based initiative, originally started by Fritsl in 2008, now 100% produced and maintained by members of the community. Thanks to everyone.

We do more than just build robots; If you need help to your local show, or ..

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Who is in charge?

There is an inner core that tries to run the hard core issues of the show. There are hangarounds as well, but the most vital posts are currently held by GroG (Backup), TheCowGod (Hosting) Rudolph (CMS development) rik (finance) Fritsl (all over)


Who pays for this / What do you do with the money?

Short story: You pay for it, if you buy the Start Here bundle. The 10% that goes into our account so far just covers hosting. And we pay for the rest. Some of us have paid quite a lot. Mostly the site is alive because anonymious and cool people like yourself support when ever there is something to be done or paid for. We may make profit one day, and if so, TheCowGod, Rudolph, rik, and Fritsl will open the talk with the backstage mailing list on what to do with this money. There are really no rules here, because we never met, never signed anything, we just do this, like you do. If something is missing or wrong, then someone says it, and then someone fixes it. Or we die. But we are strong, and will live :) Male bonding, yer!