Watch NASA's Next Mars Rover Being Built Via Live 'Curiosity Cam'

Curiosity Cam takes you inside the clean room at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., so you can watch the next Mars rover being built.

Technicians assembling and testing the Mars Science Laboratory, aka Curiosity, are covered head-to-toe in "bunny suits." These white smocks, booties and facemasks help protect against Earthly contaminants hitching a ride to Mars.

The new Arduino Mega 2560

I finally got my first Arduino Mega 2560 today. ArduinoMega

Scarab Lunar Robot




Arduino & Ardumoto on a RP5

I finally managed to put everything together: the Arduino, the Ardumoto and the RP5 platform. It was like plug&play. But as can be seen in the movie, it lacks "intelligence". The next step is to give it the "power of sight".


A chassis for the Arduino

After some search I came across this rather simple but sufficient chassis from Pololu. It already comes with 2 DC motors. Seams to be exactly what I need to try the Arduino and the Ardumoto.   

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